• Lace Cutting Machine

    High Performance Automatic Lace Cutting Machine.

    By means of rotary cutter covered by edge feeler, the precise speed adjustment and the narrow bands cutting become a possible while easy job to do.

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  • Bobbin Winding Machine

    This Bobbin Winder is specially designed to produce bobbins for embroidery and quilting machines of the Lace Industry, which offers excellent stability and high efficiency under continuous 24 hours.

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  • LÄSSER Schiffli Head LSH

    For the first time, the pioneering innovations of the LÄSSER MDFamily have been turned towards the manufacture of a completely new type of flat bed embroidery machine. Result: The LÄSSER SCHIFFLI HEAD LSH, the first flat bed embroidery machine to make use of LÄSSER Schiffli technology. Experience the new dimensions: in technology, economics and many crucial details. Benefits: Maximum high-performance embroidery, longer embroidery times between thread changes, rapid change-over times, highly flexible in operation. The machine is simple and quick to assemble. Only the minimum of constructional preparations are required.

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  • LÄSSER Mini Large

    The MD MINI LARGE is equipped with LÄSSER ATC CUT or with LÄSSER ATC and has an embroidery length of 1.6 yards or 5.2 yards.

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  • LÄSSER MD-T55s

    A highlight of embroidery manufacture. Very easy to operate, it addresses multi-dimensional needs. The LÄSSER MDT55-S is the cost-effective tandem version. It is suitable for the efficient usage of low stitch goods.

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  • LÄSSER MD-Mini

    High performance shuttle embroidery machine MD Mini  for small jobs and the provision of samples. The frame is moved using new digital highly dynamic servo drives.

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  • LÄSSER MD-T55 Swiss Shuttle Embroidery Machine

    Cutting edge technology for embroidery manufacture. Very easy to operate, this machine addresses multi-dimensional needs. The LÄSSER MDT55-TANDEM is particularly suitable for highly productive applications as well as large production runs in the middle and high stitch sector.

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  • LÄSSER MD-55

    For absolutely excellent results in embroidery manufacture. This gentle giant is revolutionizing modern embroidery technology. Quiet but powerful, it supremely bundles leading drive and processing features. Very easy to operate, it addresses multidimensional needs. With the Lässer MD55 you can devise new realities in embroidery manufacture.

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  • EMSTRA Shearing Machine


    Low Energy Consumption

    Low Cost maintenance


    ü High Quality:

    High quality fabrics can be produced by eliminating unnecessary surface of the fabrics as well as dominating fabric pattern.


    ü Outstanding Performance:

    Simple structure and convenient operation method can reduce maintenance cost by means of less man power designed for saving maintenance.


    ü Easy Operation:

    The simplified structure enables very easy operation even by unskilled operator, resulting in high efficiency of process.


    ü Guarantee :

    6 months from shipped date for electrical parts

    12 months from shipped date for mechanical parts


    Please see below video:

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